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Wildlife human conflict is on the rise owing to encroachment, fragmentation of wildlife habitats, blocking of traditional migration routes and restricting wildlife to small patches. Lack of food in the forest and the easy availability of nutritious food in the agricultural landscape have made animals like Macaques, Monkeys, Nilgai, Wild boar, Elephant, Deer and Porcupines prone to human -wildlife conflicts.

Keeping this in view, PJTSAU and Gamyam Technologies Pvt.Ltd., jointly developed a potential method to reduce the problem of intrusion by these higher vertebrates into the agricultural landscape.

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“To minimize the Human - Wildlife Conflict” in agricultural crops, integrated IoT based Bioacoustics solution is a promising technology for deterring animals from Agricultural crop fields.

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Introducing Khethi Rakshak

The Bioacoustics is a new technology uses only natural sounds of predators, distress and alarm calls of target and closely related species of target animals. The calls are broadcasted using an electronic platforms with sound drives. Bioacoustics tries to convey the message (‘this area is dangerous’) to the target animals in their own language. On hearing the sounds, the target animals start avoiding the area, thus saving the crop from being damaged. The sounds are natural and safe on humans, birds and animals.

Introducing Agri-Cannon

One of the major problems that farmers of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and other neighbouring states are facing is a monkey menace. Monkeys that enter the fields in groups of 20-25 and have a field day, especially on coconut trees and other seed bearing crops. They enjoy drinking and eating tender coconuts and seeds. Though it is nice to watch them carefully plucking the coconuts, they cause a huge loss to the farmers. They damage or vandalize the crops, fields as they attack on the yield which is in the seeding stage which ends up in huge losses for the farmer.

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