Agri Cannon

Agri - Cannon

One of the major problems that farmers of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and other neighboring states are facing is a monkey menace. Monkeys that enter the fields in groups of 20-25 and have a field day, especially on coconut trees and other seed-bearing crops. They enjoy drinking and eating tender coconuts and seeds. Though it is nice to watch them carefully plucking the coconuts, they cause a huge loss to the farmers. They damage or vandalize the crops, fields as they attack the yield which is in the seeding stage which ends up in huge losses for the farmer.

It has been estimated that at minimum conservative average damage per household of ? 6,000, 15 million families could suffer a cumulative loss of ? 9,000 crore every year. This is a very huge amount to loose in a country like India. The science behind the idea to develop the “Agri-Cannon” is the fact that monkeys hate loud sounds or noises. To drive the monkeys away from the farm, the only way out is to produce loud noises without harming them. Generally, the monkeys enter the farm during the day time in groups and it is very difficult for the farmers to drive them away. After extensive research from Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University (PJTSAU), Professor Vasudeva Rao has designed and developed the low cost, easy to use, "Agri-Cannon” which uses a gaslighter and calcium carbide granules. When the carbide reacts with a few drops of water, the gas stove lighter is used as a source of igniting, then a huge sound is produced. Small pieces of paper and pebbles can be used for firing. There is no damage to the animal. It is only used to frighten the animal. When used once, monkeys are not seen at least for a week (This has experimented in research farms and a couple of progressive farmer’s farms). Though they return to the fields, there is some kind of relief.

Installation Procedure

step13 (1)

Step 1

Fix the cannon bore to the cannon drum, rotate the cannon bore in clockwise direction.

fix2 (1)

Step 2

Fix the Piezoelectric Igniter into the Piezoelectric holder.

fix31 (1)

Step 3

Ensure that the Piezoelectric Igniter is securely fixed using the bolt.

fix4 (1)

Step 4

Clip the Nylon Belt to the cannon hooks.