Kethi Rakshak

Bioacoustics Solution

The Bioacoustics solution is a new technology uses only natural sounds of predators, distress and alarm calls of target and closely related species of target animals. The calls are broadcasted using an electronic platforms with sound drives. Bioacoustics tries to convey the message (‘this area is dangerous’) to the target animals in their own language. On hearing the sounds, the target animals start avoiding the area, thus saving the crop from being damaged. The sounds are natural and safe on humans, birds and animals.

What is Kethi Rakshak: Kethi Rakshak is a bioacoustics device built on IoT Platform that makes huge sound of Predatory, distress and Alarm calls of Several animal species, that helps to deter wildboar, Nilgai, Stray Cattle, Elephants etc. 

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